Liberal Anna Paulina Luna supports Obama-Biden immigration policies.

“I always agreed with President Obama’s immigration policies.”

- Anna Paulina Luna (7/22/19, BlazeTV)

By supporting Obama-Biden immigration POLICIES,

Liberal Anna Paulina Luna wants amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

“In my opinion, we need to…possibly provide a pathway to citizenship and/or green card status”

- Anna Paulina Luna (2/18/20, YouTube)

A weak border and

  • Lawlessness in our communities and a rise in crime.
  • Fentanyl continuing to flow through our border, endangering our families and contributing to a rise in drug use.

Liberal Anna Paulina Luna is an Obama supporter.

“I was actually a huge supporter of Obama.”

- Anna Paulina Luna (7/22/19, BlazeTV)

Anna Paulina Luna has flip-flopped her party based on the “cool” candidate of the day.

  • Don’t take our word for it, take Luna’s: “I’m able to take on different personalities depending on what image I am going for. I think getting into character of what you are selling is super important.”